Monday, April 30, 2012

White with Colorful Details

Heeey my lovely followers! I'm pretty surprised and more than thankful that I've reached 200 of you via Blogger without any giveaways (but maybe soon-soon) and lack of posts, but now that  the summer is arriving, I will definitely shoot more outfit pictures and that's a good thing I guess. I found some time today and got some new shots taken. I was already starting to think that warm weathers won't arrive in Estonia this year but wow, today is so summery and super nice. How couldn't you just love a weather like this?

Blazer : Mom's old
Skirt : New Yorker
Boots : NS King
Necklace : Loitsukeller
Clutch : Pierre Balmain, Thrifted

Hei, mu superarmsad lugejad! Ma olen päris üllatunud, kuid sellegipoolest nii-nii tänulik, et läbi Bloggeri olen kogunud 200 jälgijat ilma ühegi giveawayta (mis äkki varsti siiski toimub) ning väga väheste postitustega. Nüüd, kui suvi on saabumas, saan kindlasti rohkem outfitipostitusi tegema hakata ning seegi hea. Tänagi leidsin natuke aega ning lasin endast paar klõpsu teha. Ja ilm on samuti nii suurepärane ja suvine ja hea... lihstalt super!


  1. These pictures are so pretty! Keep up the good work!! Following you now!


    Danielle xx

  2. Awww, I love your outfit here! <3 ..and your beautiful hair! :D

    Please, visit my blog:

  3. gorgeous :)

  4. lovley outfit, it looks very cute :)
    love your blog

  5. this white ensemble is super chic and your hair is amazing! so pretty! :)

  6. I love how the red gives the outfit a pop. ^_^

  7. Your boots are amazing!