Sunday, April 24, 2011

Forget What We're Told

Hey! I've been enjoying my three days off from school. It's so sunny and warm outside and i just love that feeling when i wake up in the morning and termometer shows plus degrees after a very long winter. As day goes on, it is getting more and more warmer and i can wear shorts and go to my garden to enjoy the weather. But right now there's not good without bad. Everything is almost perfect except the research I'm going to start today. I'm that kind of person who just pushes important things as far as I can. Should get rid of that habbit. Anyways, Happy Easter and enjoy the spring!:)

Hei! Väljas on nii soe ja päikseline. Ma armastan seda tunnet, kui pärast pikka pikka talve ühel päeval üles ärgates termomeeter plusskraade näitab. Mida rohkem päeva poole, läheb lõpuks nii soojaks, et saan lühikesed püksid ja õhukese pluusi selga panna ja lihtsalt aias päikest nautida. Kuid hetkel pole head ilma halvata ja ma pean täna lõpuks oma uurimistöö koostamisega algust tegema. Ma olen selline inimene, kes lükkab oma tähtsad tegemised nii kaugele, kui võimalik, kuid ometi tegemata ei jäta kunagi. Peaks sellest harjumusest lahti saama. Igatahes, nautige kevadet ja päikest!:)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

2011 Spring Inspiration - ITEMS

Hello my dears! It's been really long time since my last post but now when I've got my camera back I guess it means more posts:) But before that I want to show you my inspiration list for spring 2011. Lots and lots of colors, oxford shoes, sequined jackets, striped jackets, cropped sweathers, bold clutches and jewellry, wide brim hats, neon belts, round sunglasses and so on.
Meanwhile you can check out my boutique(my dream closet)  and my tumblr page